Thursday, 18 March 2010

My Meaning.

Water is everywhere. It covers roughly 70% of our planet and we depend on it a whole lot. The majority of our time is spent on land. I mean, we aren't fish so why wouldn't it be? My point is, I wanted to represent how water is found around the earth in different shapes and forms. The sea, a river even the place where I get my water from. I have never really thought about it like this, even though it's pretty obvious but water is seriously all around us. It's the most common thing on the planet. I wanted to make other people think about this too.

It dominates our planet and yet we try to control it.

Saturday, 27 February 2010


St. Michaels Mount.
I like this image a whole lot. It's got a nice thin line of cloud, a few very small waves in the sea, the light from the sun appears to be green as it shimmers on the water and St. Michaels Mount is but only an outline.


You can barely see the river in this image. It's as if my main focus had been on the sky, and partly it was. I just loves trees when they appear to be black. There is a lot of negative space which I think works well in this image because you can't see where the trees start and you can't tell how far away in the distance some of them are.


Crowdy Reservoir.
This image has grown on me a lot since I first took it. I really like how there is a thin strip of land in between the sky and water and the fact that what there is of the land isn't in detail. You've got lots of negative space in this image making the viewer focus purely on the sky and water.


The one thing I really like about this image is the formation of the clouds and how you can see their reflection in the water. I mean, after all the sea is whatever colour the sky is, and there are some people that probably don't even know that. So I'm kinda rubbing it in your face a bit.


Crackington Haven.
I like how there is all this water before you even get to the sea. If it were just sand the image would be rather boring. I also like the strip of sand in between. If the figure to the left hand side was not standing there I probably wouldn't have taken this. My eye is immediately drawn to it as it is a lot darker than everything else and looks almost out of place.


Crackington Haven.
I couldn't choose between the two from Crackington Haven, so I put them both! The main point of focus in this image is the rock formation. If you have been to this location before and you see a photograph of these rocks, you automatically know where it is. It almost appears as if they are balancing on thin air. The leading line is also good because your eyes follow the rocks out into the sea.